Justice "DORE52X"

Age: 22
Location: Chiba, Japan
Gaming History: Consumer, ALL Smash Brothers Series (Especially SSBB and SSB4), Pokemon (since BW Battle main), PuyoPuyo, PC GAME (over 3000 hours), Maple Story, Counter-Strike-Online (Soccer mode mainly, Zombie mode less frequently), Phantasy Star Online, League of Legends (highest rank is Plat 2), Rocket League
Personal Interest: Listening to music.
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: I think OCE players are too strong. We want to interact with the strong players then I think it would be good if we enhance eachother.

Justice "GUCCHI"

Age: 31
Location: Aichi, Japan
Gaming History: Call of Duty Series, Rocket League, Fortnite
Personal Interest: I like cooking.
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: I joined Justice Esports to play with various support (such as coaching etc).

Justice "YUUU"

Rocket League Zero Team Manager

Age: TBA
Location: TBA
Gaming History: TBA
Personal Interest: TBA
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: TBA