Justice "Dynamo"

Rocket League Black

Age: 16
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Gaming History: I have never played Esports competitively before joining Justice Esports. I played other games such as FIFA and Call of Duty before Rocket League. I started playing Rocket League in December 2016 initially on the PS4 but now play on PC. As at July 2018 I had 2,200 hours Rocket League under my belt.
Personal Interest: I enjoy Soccer/Football, Music, Streaming and Gaming.
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: I have joined Justice Esports for many reasons, I know this organisation will support me through my Rocket League journey and the members at Justice Esports are the friendliest people I have met online. I would never miss an opportunity like this one, and I thank Justice Esports for letting me represent their organisation!

Justice "Cavemanben"

Age: 18
Location: VIC, Australia
Gaming History: First started playing games since 2005. Played console up until 2013, including SARB back in 2010. Tried playing DoTA pro back in 2015 but gave up due to computer problems. Started playing RL start of 2017 and been playing ever since.
Personal Interest: Massive music fan, open to most genres. Into sports like AFL, NBA and NBL. Like meeting new people from anywhere.
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: Looking to get involved in the competitive scene through an organisation who’s willing to support new players.

Justice "Zayd"

Rocket League Black

Age: 16
Location: Queensland
Gaming History: Played for Vizard Esports
Personal Interest: Gaming and Sports.
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: I joined Justice because i saw this as a chance to grow my reputation as a player in the rocket league scene and because Justice are a good org striving to make the top.

Justice "Coop0"

Rocket League Black

Age: 17
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Gaming History: I have mainly just played Rocket League. My highest achievement in Rocket League was Gfinity Season 1 LAN.
Personal Interest: I enjoy Tennis when I am not playing Rocket League.
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: I joined Justice Esports to improve and take it to the top teams of OCE!