Justice "GURU"

Age: 22
Location: Springwood, QLD
Gaming History: My first online game was Battlefield Heroes, a cartoon mashup of WoW and Battlefield, I loved it, competing in its top tier competitions for around 2 years. From their i moved on to LoL, being as competitive as I am, the ranked system took over my life, 7 years and many thousand hours later after competing in amatuer leagues and for my University I moved onto PubG and here we are many Hours Later.
Personal Interest: I'm a mad football fan (yes the real football) and an avid supporter of Liverpool. YNWA. outside of that i follow every sport with my second love being rugby league, go Melbourne.
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: We joined Justice becuase, in all honesty, they are the only org who has been proffessional and had a core beleif that toxicity and rudeness don't belong in any team atmosphere. And that really sat well with my sporting background. Outisde of that, There aren't many orgs we can say who are out in the community actively trying to build teams and brands and to do right by their players. Justice IS.

Justice "FURY"

Age: 35
Location: Kallangur, QLD
Gaming History: It all started with Team Fortress Classic back in the early 2000s, loved playing solider doing defence at the top of the ramp on shutdown2. After this, I moved into CounterStrike. We had setup a server on our residential college at university causing many lectures to be missed for endless dust2. Played competitive CS in a bunch of Brisbane LANs over the years - GGFlan, GenCon and the bunker. I then put in a good stint in Battlefield. Over the years I also played a lot of high end WoW and while living in the USA for 2yrs, I played for one of the top teams, Outrage.
Personal Interest: I love any version of football but mostly follow Rubgy league as a supporter of the Brisbane Broncos. Gaming has always been a big part of my life but it did take a back sit over the last 6 or so years while I had a young family, now my kids are more independent, I have more time for top tier gaming, specifically PUBG!
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: We had been keeping our eye out for the right organisation for at least the last 6 months. Justice Esports core ethos really fits with our team. Most organisations are not really being run in a sustainable way but Justice is here for the long haul and we really want to be apart of that.

Justice "PLAYER_IV"

Age: 24
Location: Koo Ree Rup, VIC
Gaming History: I've been playing games for as long as I can remember. I have a history of playing at a high end raiding in WoW, with notable achievements as well as reaching rank #1 in the world during a particular tier. Aside WoW, I have played a lot of games on and off with my friends including the usual LoL, Rust, DayZ etc. I have been playing PUBG competitively for less than 5 months, improving and bettering myself everyday.
Personal Interest: Gaming being my main interest and the thing I do most, the only other interests I have are spending time with my wife and friends, just enjoying life for what it is and always saying yes so that I never miss out on something interesting.
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: Justice came off as a very professional org when they approached the team, the decision was not up to me but I'd never been more interested in joining an org as much as what I was with Justice Esports. The organisations values above all are what interested me the most, being friendly, non-toxic and just a great community to be apart of.

Justice "MOZZA"

Age: TBC
Location: TBC
Gaming History: TBC
Personal Interest: TBC
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: TBC