Justice "SoloB"

Age: 20
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Gaming History: Played my first shooter when I was 6 which was Call of Duty 1, after that I've been above average in most games I've played, only other game I played competitively is H1Z1, Which I was playing back in EU and was in 1 of the top teams of.
Personal Interest: A little of everything but obviously Gaming is the major interest
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: To be in an org that I've heard good things about, where I can be with my team and improve, with most of our worries taken care of.

Justice "Karmzy"

Age: 18
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Gaming History: I have been playing games since an early age and started on Halo and moved my way into Call of Duty, which I played at a high level all throughout my early career before coming to PUBG.
Personal Interest: I am deeply passionate about soccer (Football) which I had played for the past 10 years but with a career in esports this is now my passion that I wish to strive for and succeed.
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: Improving and overcoming challenging obstacles is a big mindset of mine, and with the support of Justice, I believe anything is possible as there is no boundaries with this organisation behind you.

Justice "sSuspekT"

Age: 23
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Gaming History: Played competitive Call of Duty, was in the #1 team for Soldier Front in the Singapore region.
Personal Interest: Soccer and Gym

Justice "Suhhz"

Age: 25
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Gaming History: Growing up I played a lot of Halo and Call of Duty on console, I bought my first PC where I played Counterstrike and Team Fortress 2
for mostly fun.
Personal Interest: Am a huge fan of esports and also photography/videography. I like to skate/go to the beach when I can as well as fishing and camping are many of my interests.
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: To Improve myself as a player,i want to generally want to get better and do the best I can within PUBG i love the game and i love our small OCE community. Battle royal is a very different type of esports excited to see where things go.

Justice "WOLF_FPV"

Age: 23
Location: Gippsland, Victoria
Gaming History: Played CS:S competitive as an Awper, BF3 competitive in one of the highest tier primary NZ teams, Been playing Tier 1 PUBG since Season 1, PaxAUS PUBG Solo’s champion, Competed at local tournaments as well as international, placing top 5 international, I has been in the PUBG scene since Season 1 playing alongside Linksy in his early teams and learning to be a renowned and feared bolt action player, holding a consistent top 15 damage over multiple seasons.
Personal Interest: Technology, Photography, Motorcycles
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: I want to join Justice to represent a well known and regarded org, to give me something to work towards building on.

Justice "PLAYER_IV"

Age: 24
Location: Koo Ree Rup, VIC
Gaming History: I've been playing games for as long as I can remember. I have a history of playing at a high end raiding in WoW, with notable achievements as well as reaching rank #1 in the world during a particular tier. Aside WoW, I have played a lot of games on and off with my friends including the usual LoL, Rust, DayZ etc. I have been playing PUBG competitively for less than 5 months, improving and bettering myself everyday.
Personal Interest: Gaming being my main interest and the thing I do most, the only other interests I have are spending time with my wife and friends, just enjoying life for what it is and always saying yes so that I never miss out on something interesting.
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: Justice came off as a very professional org when they approached the team, the decision was not up to me but I'd never been more interested in joining an org as much as what I was with Justice Esports. The organisations values above all are what interested me the most, being friendly, non-toxic and just a great community to be apart of.