Justice "Kules"

Age: 15
Location: Invercargill, New Zealand
Gaming History: Started casual gaming around the age of 10, mostly playing FPS shooters. After watching high level gameplay from some of the best COD Players, I tried to find a game that would be new enough for me to grind out and be the one of the top players. Fortunate enough Fortnite came out which was one of the most enjoyable experiences i've had playing a game. After playing non stop for a while I was good enough to take the game on at a competitive level, which has gave me the oppotunity to join Justice.
Personal Interest: I played basketball for a while, got pretty good at the sport, but stopped because of medical problems. I also like to cook.
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: Justice looked to be an upcoming top org and believed it would be a good chance to grow with them. For the team I thought it would be a good opportunity to work on cleaning our team of toxicity

Justice "Lantz"

Age: 17
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Gaming History: The games that I played a lot before fortnite was LOL and CS:GO. I got into fortnite around season 3 and played it ever since.
Personal Interest: My personal interests have always been gaming but I'm also a fan of basketball.
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: When we were approached by Justice I felt like they were a very professional org with the right intentions. What attracted me the most to them was their value of having a friendly environment whilst keeping the competitiveness at a high level.

Justice "Venihcy"

Age: 15
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Gaming History: Played all Call of duty Games and Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2 and Balck Ops 3 On Console (PS4)
Personal Interest: Hanging out with family and being supportive to other people
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: I joined Justice esports because of the team name, good players, teams for other games and the team being PG

Justice "Spraz"

Location:Melbourne, Australia
Gaming History: The first games i played for fun were things like Call Of Duty, CS:GO, Minecraft. Then Fortnite came around i invested hours of time into it so i thought i may aswell do something productive so i created a YouTube Channel where i know upload highlights of my games once a week, and also joined teams and started to get into the competive side of gaming.
Personal Interest: Apart from gaming i like doing guitar and i play local AFL
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: The reason i joined/trailing for Justice Esports is because the community was just so helpful and easy to communicate with and they are encouraging

Justice "Damujii"

Fortnite Team Manager

Age: 24
Location: Queensland, Australia
Gaming History: My history has always been in Shooting style games all the way back to Call of Duty:Modern Warfare. From FPS (First Person Shooter) console games I got my first PC in 2017 and began playing H1Z1 and CS:GO. I played in Division 2 Outback Arena for H1Z1. Unfortunately I had to step away from the grind due to excess work committments so I decided to focus on Esports Team Management, which has lead me to where I am today.
Personal Interest: My personal interests are Gaming, Movies, TV Shows and Fishing.
Why You Joined Justice Esports?: I joined Justice Esports to help my team further themselves into the Esports scene and build a family within the organisation. I also joined to further my experience as a team manager.