About Us

The brainchild of Nash "Hawnty" Hawnt and Ryan "Isombard" Bratusa, Justice Esports is a professional Esports organisation with a vision to compete at the highest level across multiple gaming disciplines. Justice is dedicated to enabling its players to reach their full potential by fostering a positive, inclusive and transparent environment that will bring out the best in both individuals and teams.

The company has launched and maintains a number of professional Esports rosters in Australia, including Rocket League, Pokémon, Fortnight and Super Smash Brothers, with a view to expanding the portfolio to ensure greater market penetration across the spectrum of competitive Esports disciplines globally.

But Justice wants to be more than that.

While playing online games should be a social, enjoyable and rewarding activity, the relative anonymity online games provides can lead to a small number of aberrant individuals to both exhibit and promote toxic and antisocial behaviour at the expense of others.

This needs to change.

It is the mission of Justice Esports to provide a moderated multi-platform environment where everybody; regardless of social economic status, ethnicity, sexuality or ability; feel welcome, included, and most importantly, safe!

We believe this is every gamer's fundamental right.