Announcing our re-entry into the fan favourite esports title Rocket League

Another day, another epic announcement. We at Justice are proud to announce our return to the Rocket League scene but this will be our first venture into the North American esports scene. Please welcome these new players to our Justice Family:

Isaac "Akatsuki" Calderon (@Akatsuki_RL)

Joshua "IceBerg" Acosta (@iceberg_rl)

Trevor "CoCo" Duke (@CoCoNuT_RL)

The team has a lot of experience in this roster with both CoCo and IceBerg being college teammates for Season 2, 3 and 4 Collegiate Rocket League - Western Leagues as well as Akatsuki having the previous LAN experience at DreamHack 2019 Dallas Rocket League Pro Circuit being a part of the original Nitrox Esports Rocket League lineup.

We cannot wait to see how this team will go throughout the season of them being with us and we hope all of you reading this are just as hyped as us about our entry back into Rocket League



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