Announcing our merge with Nitrox Esports

After a lot of growth over the year with Justice Esports, we are proud to officially announce that we are merging with North American organisation Nitrox Esports and will be another region in which our brand will grow into.

Nitrox Esports is an esports organisation who's main focus is to bring in new talent to the esports scene in North America, and a lot like Justice, want to focus on being a family and community over a business. If you are a Rocket League fanatic, you might feel like you recognise the Nitrox Esports branding. Specifically, Nitrox is well known for their appearance at the 2019 DreamHack Dallas Rocket League Pro Circuit in which they played an old rival of ours in Rocket League, Team ICON on the main livestream. They also had a team in Rainbow Six: Siege alongside having some of the same sponsors alongside us like UNDERground Villas & Hotels.

A lot of us in Justice Management are also very excited about this merge as we get to work with a close friend of the Justice Esports brand. OptioN, the Chief Executive Officer of Nitrox Esports, is also the Owner and Lead Designer of Optum Studios who do all of our 3D Graphic Designs and 3D Animations for big announcements. Which is funny cause we have a special one made by the man himself right here:

Overall, we are super hyped about this merge with the Nitrox Esports organisation and we hope all of you who are reading this will be ready to see what comes out of this.



Now where did I put the next announcement again?

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