Justice Esports welcomes Mrs Ink to the Management Team

As we grow in size, we need to be prepared for the rapidly growing esports market. The community side of esports is a huge focus for us here at Justice.

With this in mind, we would love to welcome our newest member of the Justice Management team, Mrs_Ink

Mrs_Ink will be our Community and Marketing Manager for the organisation.

This is what Mrs_Ink had to say in regards to joining Justice:

I chose to be a part of Justice Esports because everything was in total alignment with me. The organisations core values of helping people is exactly what I am about. (As some may know the hard times I have faced in life that then made me realise my life’s purpose of helping people and making an impact) After being a famous entrepreneur and coach for many years alignment and helping people is my priority. Nothing compares to this amazing organisation. I searched far and wide but I knew I would not just be a part of anything it had to be in total alignment, it had to have good values, it had to be something you would feel so proud to be a part of and want to share with the world, it had to have wonderful management team that I felt comfortable with and finally I found Justice Esports. I could not be happier with my new position here at Justice Esports and the family I am now a part of. Truly amazing!!!!

We cannot wait to start working with her as we go further into 2019.


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