Announcing our Korean PUBG Team

Our march into the South Korean scene continues as we execute our growth strategy into the Asian market. Justice has been heavily involved in PUBG in the OCE scene for some time, however with Apex spearheading our recent expansion into the Korean peninsula a new opportunity has presented itself which proved simply too good to turn down. It is with great pleasure that we announce the newly minted Justice PUBG Zero Team!

Day Won Kim – Hippia
Sang Woo Kim – SIA
Gun Cheon Do – HOTDOG
Yong Song Choi – Yseong
Chan Woo Kim – Chanwoo
Yong Jun Jo – Maff Manager

The Justice PUBG Zero team represent a wealth of experience in both online and LAN competition. Playing in front of a TV audience and streamed to huge twitch viewership each week, these guys have big game experience and a competitive pedigree that we are proud to have representing us under the Justice Esports banner. We cannot wait to see what these guys can achieve!
Please make them feel welcome!


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