Announcing our entrance into Korean Apex Legends

In the heady days of the Cyber-Athelete Professional League (CPL) and World Cyber Games (WCG), when Esports made its first tentative steps towards a professional industry in the late 90’s and early 00’s, South Korea led the way. The release of Start Craft Broodwars provided the competitive platform and fan base for the rise of a new profession. The Esports Athlete. Top Broodwars players were flown into South Korea from around the world to compete for the top organisations and paid well, and endemic sponsors flocked to the concept as a new vehicle for promoting their products.

These were the first Esports celebrities, and laid the foundation for what Esports is today.

With Apex Legends continuing to evolve and grow as it finds its place in the industry, Justice has been eyeing the South Korean market for some time, and we have been fortunate enough to pick up one of the most skilled rosters in the country. Formerly known as GhostWalk, it is with great pleasure we can announce the arrival of Justice Apex Zero! They are currently vying for the number one position in the country and we are thrilled to have them join the Justice family.

Jae Geun Hyun – uNix  (@97Unix)
Hyeon Uk Kim – aXIs (@GWaXIs1)
Ji Hoon Park – KariaChu (@mI4NLlNcJswIeRp)

We cannot wait to see how the team performs under the Justice banner!


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