Justice Esports acquire the MarkandLarry CS:GO Roster

Counter-Strike is one of the oldest and most successful game franchises in Esports history. The latest variant in this franchise, CS:GO, is one of the most popular and mature gaming disciplines in today’s market. With a large event management and adjacent services platform on which to operate, it represents the pinnacle of competitive FPS games in terms of production values, reach and prize money. So it is with great pride that Justice Esports can announce it has signed a proven roster in the Oceanic scene to compete at the highest level in the ESEA Mountain Dew League.

Please welcome the Justice Esports CSGO Team:

JST | Toby “Brace” Barnes (@BRACEcsgo)

JST | James “rolfko” Lytras (@Roflko)

JST | Patrick “Falcon” Desousa (@Falc00n_)

JST | Jordan “pz” White (@pz_csgo)

JST | Samuel “Tham” Mitchell (IGL) (@thamcsgo)

The team will be managed by Justice veteran Brady “kiNk” Davison. (@thekiNk_E)

We are excited to include this latest addition to the Justice Family and can’t wait to see them make their mark at the top.


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