Announcing the Justice Esports Stream Team

Justice Esports is proud to announce its move onto the Twitch platform by partnering with some of the best and brightest up and coming Twitch content creators to form the brand new Justice Stream Team! With Justice roster players already streaming on the platform, adding content creators just made sense according to the Justice CEO Nash Hawnt:

“The Twitch platform has blitzed the competition in the last few years since being acquired by Amazon and are the market leader in the metrics that count – streamers, audience reach and corporate partnerships. Twitch has become the go to medium for the gaming community to consume content and I see our involvement as imperative to our growth strategy.”

The Justice Stream Team Content Creators are:

Fluke: (@flukey_7) – Check out Fluke’s stream here!
RobSlime: (@FearlessSlime) – Check out RobSlime’s stream here!
SuchClutch: (@SuchClutch) – Check out SuchClutch’s stream here!
PotatoSheps: (@PotatoSheps) – Check out PotatoSheps’ stream here!

We hope you enjoy their content and their stay at Justice Esports.

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