Announcing our Rocket League Main Roster

We have arrived!

Justice Esports is proud to announce its 2018 Rocket League Launch Roster. Rocket League is one of the fastest growing competitive gaming scenes on the planet, period. The explosive growth of the community and the professionalism of the scene has been moving ahead in leaps and bounds ever since the first professional LAN competitions held in 2016 – and the scene has not looked back, with the annual pilgrimage to the Rocket League Championships (RLCS) considered the holy grail of the sport.

The Justice Esports Rocket League Main roster is:

Shoe  (@MrShoeShoe)
SSteve  (@sxciisteve)
Yeatzy  (@yeatzy_)
Sub: Smiths  (@Smiths_RL)

Check out the Rocket League Main Roster’s biographies here

The Justice Esports CEO, Nash Hawnt, had this to say on the signing of the team:

“These guys are the real deal. The way they communicate, support each other, and their technical superiority are going to propel them into the spotlight this year and I cannot wait to see what they can achieve over the next 12 months. We are extremely excited to have them signed to Justice Esports!”

The Justice Esports COO, Ryan Bratusa had this to say about the team:

“In terms of dedication to their craft these guys are second to none. They have the right mentality and natural ability to become world class players, and we are ready to support them on that journey. Its extremely exciting to think where these guys will be in 12 months time!”

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