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1 day ago
Congratulations to our #RB6 team taking down @FURYAustralia tonight in @LetsPlayLiveHQ Challenger!

Well played guys! πŸ‘

#WEAREJUSTICE https://t.co/6OMOTc7GQx
Justice_ESC photo
5 days ago
Guess what? Our Discord server is now Verified! β˜‘οΈ

Come say hey if you're not already in here! https://t.co/WGzn1r5rPU

#WEAREJUSTICE https://t.co/A1v02k1sEU
Justice_ESC photo
6 days ago
Double chicken dinner to finish Phase 2. We finish 4th Overall and just miss out on Sweden.

Congratulations to @AthleticoES, @TeamIncognitoES & @HYB_PUBG!

We will be back for PHASE 3! πŸ’ͺ

#WEAREJUSTICE ⭐️| #JSTPUBG https://t.co/bmSAW9YOG7
Justice_ESC photo
7 days ago
It all comes down to tonight! Last day of Phase 2 begins shortly!

Check all the action here - https://t.co/l6LNKM8yso

#WEAREJUSTICE https://t.co/SvMbXioUmU
Justice_ESC photo
1 week ago
It just wasn't our night. We must show up big tomorrow πŸ™

We sit in 4th moving into the last day of Phase 2.

#WEAREJUSTICE ⭐️ https://t.co/yCDIX44gUa
Justice_ESC photo

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